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(Paperback) This book gives you everything you need to start doing YOFA Inner Alignment Meditation. Whether you seek spiritual awakening, healing, or joyful manifestations, this process is for you.

Buy the Digital Recordings

To get noticeable results with your Inner Alignment training, you are invited to do the meditation exercises on a regular basis.  

These recordings are the companions to the book. They contain only the meditation exercises, no explanations. These recordings allow you to close your eyes and go deeply into the process.

Join the YOFA Meditation Center

The experience of YOFA Inner Alignment Meditation grows and deepens with time and practice.

Join the YOFA Meditation Center where the book Rooted in the Infinite comes alive with ongoing lessons, live and recorded online meditation sessions, and more.

This is the place to really learn and reap the benefits of YOFA Meditation.

Become a Journey 2U Member

To receive the benefits of inner alignment without doing the meditations - or to accelerate the power of your meditation, become a member of The Journey 2U. 

As a member you receive 8 remote inner alignment energy sessions and 2 remote energy clearing sessions every month. These sessions are part of the YOFA system and are unique to this system. 

You do not have to do anything, read anything, or be present for the sessions. You receive an email from me after each session.

For Your Animal Companions

As a member of Yofa Dogs, your dog (or other animal) receives 4 remote inner alignment energy sessions every month. These sessions help your fur-baby live a happy, balanced life in your human home.