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Rooted in the Infinite The Yoga of Alignment  

YOFA® Training for Spiritual Awareness, Healing, and Joyful Manifestation  

by Dr. Rebbie Straubing, YOFA, 2006, 304 pages, $16.95  

Reviewed by Cindy Saul Founder, Editor, phenomeNEWS 

Popular phenomeNEWS columnist Rebbie Straubing’s first book is wonderful. In this easy-to-read and clearly written text, Straubing describes her system of YOFA, the yoga of alignment. She uses the analogy of a garden to describe the stages one goes through in reaching inner enlightenment, which leads to inner peace and healing. Her technique of using three points of connection, the X, Y and Z-axes which all intersect at the “root” of consciousness puts meditation into a framework that makes sense. And she includes the chakra system, combining them all together in a homogenous energetic mix of mind, body and soul connection that moves us into enhanced transcendent experience. The exercises at the end of the book compliment the information in the early chapters. Meditation is now something that everyone can align themselves with easily and effortlessly. Of course, being a big Abraham fan, I love her abundant use of their teachings throughout the book. They have obviously been a big influence in her life and in enhancing the creation of this most valuable learning tool.  

Straubing uses the analogy of the garden to teach. She brings it all together in the final chapter when she writes, “The inner garden that we have been tending turns out to be the garden of the Self and it exists only at that extraordinary point where here, now and being intersect. We water this garden by pouring our uninterrupted pure consciousness on its fertile ground. We cultivate with the practices of concentration and meditation, which weed out conflicts in our vibration and bring forward the sweet fruit of our hearts’ desires.” I recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn meditation or to enhance their current meditation practice and also for novices just beginning to understand universal flow.  

Thanks, Rebbie, for bringing us a practical, easy-to-use technique to brighten and lighten our path.


"Dearest Rebbie,  

Yes, I was able to download 29 pages of your new book. I am going over it very slowly, because to me it feels like something to be savored (like the very best chocolate truffle).  

I am currently on page eight (as I said...savoring...) and want to tell you how truly remarkable and wonderful you are! I think your gift to the planet by way of your column (and now this book) is very timely and much needed.  

All the best to you, beautiful soul!  

Namaste, Jana"

“Dear Rebbie, There is only one book I have ever read that genuinely changed my life. Its title is The Impersonal Life. That book, together with its companion The Way To The Kingdom, altered my perceptions and inner landscape forever. That discovery was years ago, and nothing I have read, done, attended or studied since then has ever had the impact of that one work. That is, until now. Rooted In The Infinite is just as remarkable in its own way. I've not come across any other book or teaching anywhere that offers such expansive and articulate explanations and instructions on meditation. It too has changed my life. I savor each chapter, and now, thanks to you, real experience through meditation has become a reality. To merely say "thank you" seems insufficient. Please accept not only my thanks but my gratitude, together with my wishes for your continued success and fulfillment.”

“Dear Rebbie,  

I loved it! You are a fantastic writer and you write about my favorite subject... Let me congratulate you on a fine and very important piece of work...I put "Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment." right up there with "The Secret". Two very important works. It is just what is needed in the world at this time, I will network the heck out of it.. LivingLove, Rainah Ji”

“Your book is like no other, a treasure, an unanticipated storehouse of practical knowledge that I never found till now. Meditation is no longer a discipline to be faced with grim determination and no results. I've spent a month just on the first practice session and feel definitely "rooted" enough to infinity. With Love, Penelope”

"Dear Rebbie: ... such wisdom, fun, love, chances for growth and for renewal. A return to faith, lightness, kindness for ourselves and others. ... Great Job. Peace and Love, Leonor"

“Hi Rebbie. I bought the book, finally, (and read it too!) I must say it's one of the best if not the best book on meditation ever. At last, something practical that us everyday metaphysical types can put to use. I could go on and on but, thanks, for the book and the sessions.  


“Rebbie Thank you You're a wonderful radiant person ... I know its a hit already Love, Esther”

“As host of, I hear from stress-filled women all the time. Now, I can recommend they read Rebbie Straubing's Rooted In the Infinite, for a logical, empowering look at how to make life flow with peace and healing. If you want a better life, it begins on the inside. This book shows you how- with grace, intelligence, and a gentle wit. Lynne Klippel Host ”


... wonderful! Thank you for writing this book ... All the best, Donna"

“Your book is one that I am reading tastefully slow so as to devour every profound word that I can digest. I hope to be able to absorb and retain it all, and find that I have to highlight and draw in it to make sure that I remember certain insights. (my mom would turn in her grave for defacing such a book) LOL but I see it as a text and it brings me great joy. Thank you for making me smile again. Love, Jackie Goff”

“great book .......I like it a lot. would love to buy some to help some of my friends...... I do Reiki and Seichim energy work and massage as a ministry to hurting people who cannot afford to go to regular therapies. I was very impressed with this first is good. I look forward to the rest with anticipation...... You are doing your very own special work ... and it is amazing ......Thank you for all you do... you have become a part of the teachers who will influence my path. Thank you so much........ blessings and you know Rebbie (Rev, Reb, Rab, Rav, Rabbi) in Hebrew is teacher.......this you are! Carla”

“Rebbie, I really like the way you have written this book. Your style is clear and graceful and makes total sense! I have started practicing your meditation techniques and because your thinking makes so much sense I am able to commit myself to the practice. . . I came to you via Abraham-Hicks and I am sure I have been led to follow this path. Thanks, Pratima ”

"Dear Rebbie,  

... loved it! The concept of 'letting the water flow' is especially beautiful! Thank-you  

With Deep Appreciation--and {{{HUGS!}}}, "

“Hi Rebbie, I read the first chapter of your book and I really like it. I'm encouraging my unhappy friends who think they are not spiritual to read it. It has many of the spiritual principles that can help people find contentment, but it doesn't hit you over the head with having to be on a spiritual path.”

“your writing has helped me so much in so many ways--it always seems to come at the right time with the write words that have helped me work thru my grief of my son's passing---i'm still working on a business plan to get my store up and running--can't wait to order tons of books from you to share with the people around here----thanks for helping me in such a happy way. peace and love, stacey”

“Hi Rebbie,  

What really interested me was that your book combines information that I strongly resonate with: chiropractic care; the teachings of Hilda and Abraham and then you use gardening as a vehicle to help the reader move forward and heal - brilliant!

"Dear Rebbie, ... your works are so easy to read and apply, NO STRESS, just a great big AHA! finally someone who speaks my language. Thank you earth angel."

“Hello Rebbie,  

You have a very Precious Gift! I have read a lot, and your work is exceptional.  

... I am honored to have this opportunity to experience your extraordinary work.  

INJoy Brightest Blessings, GypsyOwl”

Dear Rebbie,  

i love your writing on the law of attraction. It speaks to the simplicity and intuitive correctness of listening to your heart, and how following that leads to your true destiny. I interpret all your metaphors in a kinesthetic way, because that is what i am. Feeling is primary. Thank you, for sharing such deep, thoughtful stuff. You have a gift for writing, i hope you keep doing it. Christopher Doran”

“Thank you Rebbie for following the urge from Spirit to create an inspirational tool for the novice as well as the seasoned traveler.  

Much Love and Peace,  

Joan Forlow Interfaith Minister, Yoga Instructor, Shiatsu Practioner and Actress Cold Spring, NY”

"I just bought the book and am loving it. Thank-you,"

“I really enjoyed the teleconference and am enjoying the book and tape. Thanks for all your help and suggestions, Kathy Mann”

I'm enjoying your new book. I can't wait to put it into practice. I'm already using some of the concepts as I go along, even though I haven't gotten into meditating daily again. It's been many years. I more or less pray as I go. Thank you for writing the book. You are a fine writer. It's a blessing. Love and Light,”

I have finished reading your book and am starting to re-read it, so that I can attend to its details and start practising what it teaches. Thank you, Isabella”

"I am reading Rooted in the Infinite and finding it very helpful I'm really enjoying your book. You are a marvelous writer with a beautiful talent for words. Thank you for writing it! I am enjoying your book very much. Thank you."

I love your book I was reading your book during this (jhe) experiment, and I must say that every yogi should read this. It's been such an eye-opener for me in so many levels! The visual components in the book have been so helpful with my inner alignment, and am feeling rooted in the now. Thank you and bless you! Namaste, Esther”

I've been working with the exercises in your book, and notice a great desire for ongoing, continuous physical alignment in every activity. It feels so good to sit up straight and be aware of all three axis.”

“i have your book and am spreading the word about you to anyone i think is open to your wisdom........god bless,”

"I am reading the Intro of "Rooted in the Infinite" and finding great value in it. First and foremost I am appreciating the 2 agreements: To honor the Divinity of, and have compassion for the Humanity of everyone, including ourselves. What a beautiful Ground of Being!"

“Dear Rebbie I wanted to let you know I am utterly exhausted! I started your book on Saturday and haven't slept after 3am since. I wake up and read your book! I love it and it is so aligned to the other things I study Congratulations Deborah Price”

Keep up the good work! I'm sharing your info to whomever will listen.”

“I've just started reading (and absorbing!) your book. . . . I'm slowly working through [the introduction] and the first chapter, and am enjoying it fully. Thanks!”

"I am loving your book. Thank you for writing it!"

“I have been reading your amazing book and am possibly beginning to understand "The Law of Attraction" a little bit more . . . Your writing is light and delightful, and speaks directly to me ... I am very grateful to have become aware of your existence. You are a great help to me, as right now I need to be reminded again and again of who I am.  

Thank you and bless you  

Kathleen ”

“Your book is the answer to a prayer. Nobody really explains how to meditate, at least not that I've come across. You're just supposed to sit down and do it, I guess. Many "paths" or persuasions extol the virtues and critical importance of daily meditation, but to me it's just been a grind. I love the book! I've said it before, but I'll say it again - your book could not have come into my life at a better time (although I now know that as a somewhat false statement - I guess the book and I were ready for each other), and the principles you outline have so clearly begun to work for me with such outstanding results. Moreover, the Work has impacted my professional life, too - your teachings will merge with my teaching, and I know the outcome will be more abundance and more good. I wish you all the best! ”

“Hi Rebbie, I am reading a few books at the moment. And I am reading your book too. I like it very much. I am reading at the moment the second chakra. I can visualize your words in a very pleasant and inspiring way. I use the examples of XYZ and feel that it works. I did the exercise with my class (8 years old) and a few told me they like it very much. One boy told me that he did the To be here and now imagination twenty times one day (during the lessons) and that he liked it very much. So I am glad with it. thank you and in gratitude”

"Dearest Rebbie, I am getting so much out of your book and also the guided meditations. You are grace personified. I finished reading "Rooted in the Infinite" last week and have begun reading it again, doing the meditation exercises this time. This is my usual way of studying; quickly read the entire text first for the overall sense of what can be gained from it, and if I'm still excited, then read more slowly a second time while doing whatever exercises are given. Rebbie, your book is beautifully thought out, and what you present is in complete accord with my objectives. I'm deeply grateful to you! I'm working with your book too and gratefully took advantage of your five order postage free offer. Just looking to gather a few people together to work with and be ready to hand out the book. I've just moved to a new town and haven't met too many people yet. This could be a very interesting year. Thank you again Barbara"

I love your book and am in the process of offering it on my website for purchase. Thank you again for writing this knowledge down in this particular way.  

I have been reading the book without doing the exercises at the moment; I find it all so very interesting. Thank you for all of this! I have started reading your book and am enjoying your slant on things already near and dear to me.

“I love the book. I loved hearing your voice on the conference session. Thanks for sharing and being a beacon of gentleness and wisdom at this time for so many.”

“Dear Rebbie, I really loved starting with your gratitude acknowledgements. And then your notes rang true to heart, I too think of myself as a student, opening myself to to my internal masters and the laws that govern the cosmos. I think you are a wonderful writer, clear and concise and thoughtful. I relate to your words as I myself have had a joyful life/living experience, while I have learned my lessons through a different path, the message is still very true in my heart and being. I am grateful you have the clarity, right words, and compassion to express what others have not been able to put in words. I work with a sense of feeling and trusting my intuition, unable to express how easy it is to attain true joy in words. .. I admire the gift you have and the spirit in which you share it. Thank you Rebbie from my heart to yours, with love even rocks will open Normally, I DO skip the intros, but with your book, I'm reading every word. It's wonderful - and I've bought it for 5 friends who are just beginning it. Thanks for everything - Marlisa Mills, Ph D”

"Thank you Rebbie. I am enjoying your book very much. .. I probably will send a copy to several of my other friends after I finish reading it for the first time. Namaste' Miriam Saia"

THANK YOU for putting it all together so thoroughly, nicely, wisely! Thank you ... generally for all the light workers work that you do on the web.Walking the talk,”

“I love the book. Your prose is amazingly juicy and goes down like chocolate pudding, giving me shivers all the way. Mmmmmm. Thank you, Rebbie. As I am working through the book slowly, I am feeling a deep appreciation of it's presentation and your offering of this information in such a loving and accessible format. I appreciate you emails with jhe reports and the book notes and suggestions. I took the book out into nature and practiced one of the meditations you suggested in your email this past week. Very lovely energies. :-) This whole process is so nurturing on the subtle levels. I LOVE it!! I have been sharing the "joyful harmonious expression" -- jhe -- with others as a statement of my intentions. It works!”

“Dear Rebbie, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your book, "Rooted in the Infinite." I'm at the place in my life where it is just tying things all together for me and makes perfect sense. Thank you for drawing on all your experience to write the book. Thanks, ”

"Rebbie: I can't tell you how much your book is enriching my yoga practice! ...when meditating now (as opposed to before your book) my experience is that the first chakra and the breathing are All There Is. I am not my body, and am nothing but the awareness of that unity. Perhaps that is why I'm taking the book so slowly--I am so grateful to actually, at long last, be in a true meditative state."

“I started the book and just LOVE it. I am blessed to have you met! You are a blessing for all of us.  

I have been meditating regularly for several decades now but my sessions had become kind of stagnant or had reached a plateau?  

The exercises in your wonderful book have given quite a boost to my practice and I am again experiencing some very deep meditation sessions.  

Thank you so much ! Please keep up the good work.  


“Your book is an absolutely invaluable resource and I am so happy, and so thankful that you made the tremendous effort to produce this beautiful work to assist us. ”

“just had a quick look at Rooted in the Infinite which arrived this morning, and it looks as though you had written it for me! I am looking forward to studying it.”

"I bought your book a month ago and am SO glad I did. It really does seem to be slowly changing my life. I read Jerry and Esther Hicks book a year ago, but after reading yours, it puts it all together much better for me. I've read yours twice already and will probably read it again! It has been that powerful."

“ Dear Rebbie: Last week, after reading your "short" chapter, I took a journey through my life for a most remarkable clearing of old shadows that I had not quite dissipated -- and may still not have. And of a greatly increased sense of all that I am. My gratitude to you for your help in this,”

“What I have read so far is amazing! It just makes me slow down and really think about what I just read. And taking time to do the meditations in the back of the book makes me really understand and internalize, with a deeper understanding than I have ever had, of the root chakra. I am really hoping that you will consider writing books on all of the other chakras. Or maybe if you had to choose, at least write on the heart chakra and the 7th chakra. I feel so lucky to have the privlege of owning this book because this is a book I know I will read over and over!”

I study your book every day and am benefiting from the exercises. I am reading your book and love every word. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have just received your book, and I am revelling in reading it. Your work really is sooooo wonderful. If helps me bring so many things together...! .”

"Over the last few months I have been requesting all of my clients to read your book as a part of their coaching process with me. It has made my work with them a lot smoother. Thank you, I am really enjoying the space-expanding-experience within me in the first practice exercise, totally delicious... "

“ Today I did the exercise and also listened to the audio teleclass that's posted on your website. I was really moved and inspired, I felt like I was there on the live teleclass.  

I would also like to thank you not only for your work but especially for your gentle, kind, loving, comforting and humorous VOICE. I felt like if I was listening in to that voice and didn't understand the language, I still would have felt better, thank you.  

Another thing that I want to mention, which is what prompted me to send this email is that I am interested in forming a [Rooted study group] . . ”

I live in the North of England and i recently purchased your amazing book "Rooted in the Infinite"...I find it much easier to be still when following the YOFA alignment exercises in my meditations...keep up the good work, yours is the purest work i have come across so far! Well Done

“...i would not even expect myself to wish to know much more about this. but a friend of mine who was suicidal at the loss of her mother told me she found great solace in your book, and so i looked at your website... ”

"I ordered them in the book shop. (18 euro a piece). I give the book to friends. We meet each other every two weeks on wednesday and talk with each other about books. Last year we spoke about "the power of now" by Eckhart Tolle. So may be next year your book. I used allready quite a lot of your examples in the reading group. If you have any plans to come to Holland to have a semniar, please let me know. I wish you good luck "

“After finding a lot of personal value in reading your emails, I finally ordered your Rooted In The Infinite book. A couple of days later when I cracked the book, I was delighted. After I had read about a page, I knew my partner had to get the input too and I began reading aloud.  

He must have begun absorbing the way you explained things -- things I'd been trying to help him understand for years seemed clear to him as I heard him describing what you wrote in terms of his own thinking and his own life. He came into the room, sat down and was thoroughly absorbed.  

You have my gratitude for your work of putting your book into writing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart (OK and the top and middle of my heart too!).  

May your joy always be as close as your own smile, ”

“I love your book and tell everyone I know and meet about it. My husband and I are "Rooted in the Infinite" and are so grateful to you. Thank you.

“I can't tell how excited and grateful I am about Rooted in the Infinite it is an amazing book! Thank you so much for this perspective...I really relate to it!

"I am enjoying your book. It is indeed true that using your technique, my sitting posture has improved and I am able to keep meditating for much longer and much deeper. "

“I have been reading “ Rooted in the infinite” and can’t wait to put it into practice.  

Thank You for the wonderful book. ”

“I purchased your book on line through maybe Amazon, can't remember at this moment. I really enjoy the way you were able to give such a wonderful visualization of the now point.  

I use it to explain to others, because your words are more articulate and can convey to others how to align themselves. I'm very grateful for your gift to us.  

I have read the Abraham - Esther and Jerry Hicks books and I appreciate the continuity from theirs to yours. It's marvelous to be able to see and feel the love from all of you. ”

“I have been reading your book Rebbie and I love it. your book is fascinating. I just want to say THANK YOU. When I look back at my life and my level of consciousness just 6 months ago, I feel like a whole new person. I know that the [YOFA jhe] sessions are very powerful. I have been attracting books into my life that have propelled me onward in the most direct and accelerated manner. One of the most incredible is Rooted in the Infinite. Thank you so much for sharing the very high energy from your [YOFA jhe] sessions, that carries me forward in such a remarkable and splendorous way!”

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