Getting Started

Learn to do YOFA Inner Alignment Meditation at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.

#1 Get the Book

Use the book Rooted in the Infinite to begin a transformational process that benefits all aspects of your life. In the book you will find all the meditations needed to bring yourself into alignment with your essence for the purpose of:  

  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Inner Peace
  • Wisdom
  • Divine Love
  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Loving Relationships
  • Financial Abundance
  • Expression of Talents
  • And More  
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#2 Get the Recordings

Once you start exploring the mediations, the recordings allow you to listen to the instructions with eyes closed so that you go quickly into a meditative state.


Your sitting posture is your launching pad into higher levels of consciousness. This video shows you three beneficial ways of sitting while you do your YOFA Meditations:

  • In a chair
  • Cross-legged
  • Seiza


The first 5 chapters lay the foundation of understanding that you will build upon with your meditation. Take your time to go deep into what it all means to you personally.


Once you reach Chapter 6 you are at a fork in the road.  

  • You can keep reading the book through to the end and do the exercises later after you have completed the book
  • Or, if you are eager to get to the meditations, you can begin your training at Chapter 6. Chapter 6 of the book corresponds to Session 1 of the Practice Section.


Do you prefer to do this in the early morning? During your lunch break? Before bed? You don't have to do it at the same time every day, but it is a helpful reminder if you do. Spend a week to a month on the exercises in each practice session.

#7 Join the YOFA Meditation Center

This could really be step #1!

  • The fastest, deepest, and most engaging way to practice YOFA Meditation is to become a member and immerse yourself in the method.
  • You can still do this from the comfort of your own home. This is an online meditation center so you can participate wherever you are, whenever is convenient for you.

Let The YOFA Meditation Center Become Your Meditation Home

In the members' site you'll find step by step instructions, workshop replays, recorded meditations, and more

As a member, you can join in on Mondays and Fridays for our live meditation meetings. You can dial in or stream the audio.

In each of these classes we go deeper in understanding and experience. We meditate for a part of each of these calls. And if you can't attend live, you'll get access to the replays so you won't miss a beat.

You will quickly become strong and confident in your meditation the more you participate.

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Read My Mail...

Dearest Rebbie,  

I am going over [Rooted in the Infinite] very slowly, because to me it feels like something to be savored (like the very best chocolate truffle).  

I am currently on page eight (as I said…savoring…) and want to tell you how truly remarkable and wonderful you are! I think your gift to the planet by way of your column (and now this book) is very timely and much needed.  

All the best to you, beautiful soul!  

Namaste, Jana  


Dear Rebbie, There is only one book I have ever read that genuinely changed my life. Its title is The Impersonal Life. That book, together with its companion The Way To The Kingdom, altered my perceptions and inner landscape forever. That discovery was years ago, and nothing I have read, done, attended or studied since then has ever had the impact of that one work. That is, until now. Rooted In The Infinite is just as remarkable in its own way. I’ve not come across any other book or teaching anywhere that offers such expansive and articulate explanations and instructions on meditation. It too has changed my life. I savor each chapter, and now, thanks to you, real experience through meditation has become a reality. To merely say “thank you” seems insufficient. Please accept not only my thanks but my gratitude, together with my wishes for your continued success and fulfillment.  


Dear Rebbie,  

I loved it! You are a fantastic writer and you write about my favorite subject… Let me congratulate you on a fine and very important piece of work…I put “Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment.” right up there with “The Secret”. Two very important works. It is just what is needed in the world at this time, I will network the heck out of it.. LivingLove, Rainah Ji  


Your book is like no other, a treasure, an unanticipated storehouse of practical knowledge that I never found till now. Meditation is no longer a discipline to be faced with grim determination and no results. I’ve spent a month just on the first practice session and feel definitely “rooted” enough to progress…to infinity. With Love, Penelope  


Dear Rebbie: … such wisdom, fun, love, chances for growth and for renewal. A return to faith, lightness, kindness for ourselves and others. … Great Job. Peace and Love, Leonor

Preparation for Meditation 

The problem that most of us encounter when trying to learn meditation (especially from a book) is that we attempt to practice meditation before we are ready to meditate. That’s why more people can only say they want to meditate than can honestly say they do meditate.  

Rooted in the Infinite offers the missing link between the active mental state of day-to-day living and the refined, concentrated, and the altered state of meditation. This personal, stable foundation may be something you have never experienced before.  

The concept of inner preparation as an essential step toward authentic meditation is not currently articulated in our culture. The YOFA system fills that gap. Like email and social media (we didn’t know we needed them until we couldn’t live without them) the practice of preparation for meditation may become part of your daily life.  

And since Inner Alignment is harmonious with any path, you can use this system to more fully satisfy your heart’s desire, to have a more fulfilling experience of your chosen spiritual path, and to have a more satisfying human life experience, including loving relationships, physical well-being and prosperity, etc.